Paddy Farmer’s Knowledge, Attitude and Key Factors Affecting the Decision Making on Organic Rice Production of Farmers in Phitsanulok Province


  • Piyada Wachirawongsakorn Faculty of Science and Technology, Pibulsongkarm Rajabhat University, Thailand
  • Thongsai Jamnongkarn Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University Sriracha Campus, Thailand



organic rice, safety rice, decision, knowledge, attitude, opinion, farmer


This study was to study the level of knowledge, attitudes and key factors influencing decision-making on organic rice production of farmers in Phitsanulok Province. 150 rice farmers were selected by using non-probability random sampling technique for inclusion in a sample based on random selection. The samples were divided into three groups that each group contained 50 farmers based on their selected rice farming method: organic rice farming, safe rice farming, and conventional farming. The data collection tool was questionnaire which has been approved by the ethics committee for research in human subjects (Research project code: PSRU-EC code 2021/014). The results revealed that most rice farmers were in the age between 51-60 years old and graduated from primary school level. 78.67% of farmers had received information toward organic rice cultivation, which most received from agricultural extensionists (71.52%), followed by handout (28.02%) and community leaders (27.23%), respectively. Measuring the knowledge level of organic rice production, farmers in Phitsanulok Province had moderate to high levels of knowledge (63.20%-80.72%). The farmers' attitude toward of adopting organic rice farming was at overall highest level (gif.latex?\small&space;\overline{X}  = 4.05±0.37). The factors affecting the farmer’s decisions to apply organic rice cultivation were rice production assistance factor (Highest level:  = gif.latex?\small&space;\overline{X} 4.51±0.22), followed by social factor (High level: gif.latex?\small&space;\overline{X}  = 4.14±0.41), economic factor (High level: gif.latex?\small&space;\overline{X}  = 4.06±0.52), and ecological factor (Medium level: gif.latex?\small&space;\overline{X}  = 2.63±1.27), respectively.


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