Study on Territorial Politics and Political Identity Transmission Interaction: An Case of Kuomintang in Northern Thailand (1949-1975)


  • Yuhong Li Doctoral Student, Institute of International Relations, Nanjing University, China
  • ZhangHang Zhu Master Student, Institute of International Relations, Nanjing University, China
  • AnGuang Zheng Associate Professor, Institute of International Relations, Nanjing University, China



Cold war structure, Southeast Asia geopolitics, Northern Thailand Kuomintang army, Political identity, Identity interaction


This paper attempts to explain the dynamic process of the relationship between geopolitics and transnational political identity communication during the Cold War, and takes the Kuomintang army in northern Thailand as a classic case for analysis. During the Cold War, different political forces played games with each other, which jointly promoted the formation of different identities of the Kuomintang army in northern Thailand. All political forces, whether out of strategic considerations or security considerations, have caused the "alienation" of northern Thailand. The connotation of Cold War "alienation" is the formation of a "multi hierarchical system" in northern Thailand. This further led to the "diversification" of the political identity of the Kuomintang troops living here. The linkage between region and identity has led to different interactions among units at all levels in the international system.


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