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Problems News Network radio is facing are (1) NBTC Rules and Regulation (2) competition from digital television (3) radio rating (4) decrease in advertisement and (5) technogical change. The station adjusts their business strategy in three ways: programme presentation, event marketing and content marketing.

          To increase profits, the station employed event marketing strategies by (1) inviting product specialists or owners to inform knowledge associated with product (2) setting up seminar (3) using Influencers (4) setting up special events (5) arranging educational tour and (6) using plus sale

          To increase new targets and audience interaction, the station used content marketing strategies as follows: (1) creating unique identity (2) using multi-platform (3) Exclusive content (4) cross- media strategy (5) creating new contents:- Content Photo Album, Infographic Template, Infographic Visualized Article, Promotional Content, and Engaging Content

          The station’s most success testing-contents, interms of catching new target group, increasing reach and increase advertisement are “Rap News” and “Rabai-tuk station”


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ชอว์ ก. (2019). “RAP NEWS”: THE ADJUSTMENT OF “NEWS NETWORK RADIO” IN THE DIGITAL ERA. Panyapiwat Journal, 11(2), 309–322. Retrieved from https://so05.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/pimjournal/article/view/178952
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กันยิกา ชอว์, Panyapiwat Institute of Management

Faculty of Communication Arts

Lecturer, Convergence Journalism


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