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Ntapat Worapongpat
Ratthanan Pongwiritthon
Salinee Chaiwattanaporn
Benyapa Kantawongwan


This research aims to acknowledge the characteristics of the excellence performance organization that influencing the performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in northeastern of Thailand.  The sample consisted of the executives of Small and Medium Enterprises in 12 provinces of the northeastern region of Thailand.  The purposive sampling method used to randomly select 400 samples. The result showed that the characteristics of the excellence organization in overall were consistent with the actual performance at a high level ( X = 4.080, S.D. = 0.892), which consistent at a high level in all aspects, including in terms of leadership ( = 3.865, S.D. = 0.910), in terms of strategic planning ( X  = 4.062, S.D. = 0.835), in terms of customer focus  ( X = 3.723, S.D. = 0.946), in terms of measurement, analysis, and knowledge management ( X  = 3.967, S.D. = 0.820), in terms of workforce focus ( X  = 4.130, S.D. = 0.872), and in terms of operations focus ( X  = 3.715, S.D. = 0.965). The overall financial performance results were at increasing levels if compared to the goal ( X  = 3.952, S.D. = 0.814). The aspects that had the relationship with the performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in the northeastern region of Thailand included leadership (r = 0.610, Sig = 0.000), measurement, analysis and knowledge management (r = -0.160, Sig = 0.001), and workforce focus (r = -0.156, Sig = 0.002). The aspects that had no relationship with the performance of Small and Medium Enterprises included strategic planning (r = -0.001,   Sig = 0.977), customer focus (r = -0.090, Sig = 0.071), and operations focus (r = 0.077, Sig = 0.124) with the statistical significance level at 0.01.


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Worapongpat ณ. ., Pongwiritthon ร. ., Chaiwattanaporn ส. ., & Kantawongwan เ. (2020). CHARACTERISTICS OF THE EXCELLENCE ORGANIZATION TOWORDS THE OPERATION PERFORMANCE OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES IN THE NORTHEASTERN REGION OF THAILAND. Panyapiwat Journal, 12(1), 30–45. Retrieved from
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Ntapat Worapongpat

Dr. Ratthanan Pongwiritton, graduated his first Bachelor Degree of Accountancy from Payap University in 2000. With his passion on education, he continued his studies and received another 7 Bachelor Degree (BBA, BPA, and LL.B), 2 Master Degree (MBA), MSc. Accounting and Finance Management and Ph.D. in Accounting, DBA. In 2012, he was appointed as Associate Professor in Business Research, School of Business Administration by Nobel University, Los Angeles, California, USA. He is currently a 
Independent researchers and 
Special instructor.


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