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Phennapha kamalatmorakod
Prerapha Taweesuk


This research aims to study the influence of psychological factors on the decision making process of purchasing clean food of consumers in Bangkok Metropolis. The research sample consisted of 400 people residing in four districts of Bangkok Metropolis, namely, Chatuchak district, Lat Phrao district, Lak Si district, and Don Mueang district. A questionnaire was used as the data collecting instrument.  The multiple regression analysis was the statistical procedure used to test hypothesis.

The hypothesis testing results show that the psychological factors of attitude, perception, and learning have influences on the decision making process in the aspects of perceiving problems, searching for information, and evaluating alternatives.  In addition, it is found that the psychological factors of attitude, beliefs, and learning have influences on the purchasing decision making process in the aspects of the purchasing decision and the evaluation after purchase at the .05 level of statistical significance.


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kamalatmorakod, P., & Taweesuk, P. (2020). THE INFLUENCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS ON CONSUMERS PURCHASING DECISION PROCESS OF CLEAN FOOD IN BANGKOK. Panyapiwat Journal, 12(1), 78-91. Retrieved from
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