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จันทร์จิรา ฉัตราวานิช
สันติธร ภูริภักดี


The purposes of this quantitative research are (1) to study the components of business management of food trucks in Bangkok metropolitan area; and (2) to study the success level of food truck business in Bangkok metropolitan area. The research sample consisted of 268 food truck business entrepreneurs who had engaged in the business for at least 3 years. The research instrument was a questionnaire consisting of 37 question items concerning business management. The reliability of the questionnaire was analyzed by calculating the Cronbach's alpha coefficient at 95% confidence level, which showed that the reliability coefficient of the questionnaire was 0.857. The statistical analysis was applied in this research including factor analysis (FA) by using exploratory factor analysis (EFA). The factor extraction was analyzed using principal components analysis (PC) and orthogonal rotation using varimax method. In addition, the descriptive statistics which were the mean and standard deviation were used in the study.

The research results were that the components of food truck business management were classified to 7 components including (1) differentiate strategy, (2) quick responded strategy, (3) cost leader strategy, 4) raw material management, (5) service management, (6) physical environment management, and (7) efficient cooking management. All of the components could be combined to explain the variance in management of food truck business by 56.36%. The success of all aspects of food truck business was at the high level, with the financial liquidity for running business receiving the highest rating mean of 4.20gif.latex?\pm0.687. The food truck business entrepreneurs can apply results of this research as guidelines for development and improvement of the business in terms of strategic formulation, marketing planning, and appropriate management for continuous sustainability in the future.


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