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พระมหาสุรชัย ชยาภิวฑฺฒโน พุดชู


The purpose of this article is to study the five precepts and five ennobling virtues which are the basic ethical principles in Buddhism that help to get rid of defilements and can be applied in running business organizations. The application of these Dhamma principles leads to the creation of business ethics that can be applied to solve problems and develop business organizations to achieve growth and development that have balance between the mental and material aspects in the post-industrial society. The five precepts and five ennobling virtues consists of five pairs of Dhammas which are as follows: abstaining from killing to match with loving-kindness and compassion, abstaining from stealing to match with right livelihood, abstaining from sexualmisconduct to match with sexual restraint, abstaining from telling lies to match with honesty, and abstaining from intoxicants to match with mindfulness and clear comprehension. All these five pairs of ethical principles guarantee happiness and tranquility; safety; and peace of life, property, family, and outside society as well as the inside society of the business organization in order to achieve growth, prosperity, and sustainability. These Dhammas concern with values of consumption to upgrade the quality of life, happiness in work performance, and competition in terms of creating cooperation in order to develop the producing section that is beneficial to the society rather than destroying each other and the environment.


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