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อดิศักดิ์ จำปาทอง
คนึงนิจ ติกะมาตย์
เกสร มณีวรรณ
นิฤมล หิรัญวิจิตรภรณ์


This research was a research conducted under the main plan in the topic entitled “Model for Participation in Life Quality Development for the Elderly in Lampang Province” using the
qualitative research methodology. Its objectives were to study the background, communicative behaviors, the needs for using the media, and the ability to use the media; and to propose
guidelines for using the media to promote activities of the elderly in Lampang province. Research activities included the interviews of 25 elderly and concerned people in Lampang province, the focus group discussion involving 25 people, the training of 120 persons, and the in-depth interviews of 25 persons.
The research findings revealed that the elderly joined in establishing an elderly club to do various activities such as health promotion activities, knowledge transferring activities, Vocational promotion activities, field study activities, and the elderly’s potential development activities. The elderly used smart phones in making appointments and imparting of general information. So they had the need to develop their skills in using smart phones to communicate via social media and websites including the need for communication by video via folk media. Therefore, the
guidelines for using media to promote the activities of the elderly in Lampang province were
the following: (1) using Line Group to communicate between individuals and within the elderly
group; (2) using folk medias to transfer useful contents via Line Groups and websites to publicize
to the elderly groups and outsiders; and (3) using websites to publicize the activities to outside


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