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Patcharin Sirisuk
Sawien Jenkwao


School administrators under every affiliation must adjust approaches of their instructional administration to comply with New Normal situations to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Consequently, the school administrators are required to play crucial roles as leaders who lead their schools to achieve their goals successfully. They are also required to focus on academic quality or good quality of instructional management which must consist of good management systems as follows: 1) excellent school-based curriculum development; 2) modern learning management; 3) creative classroom management; 4) assessment and evaluation of students’ academic knowledge and ability, and creative innovation work performance skills; and 5) educational quality assurance. All of these are the academic quality regarded as a pillar to school success.


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Sirisuk, P., & Jenkwao, S. (2021). EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATORS AS A PILLAR TO SCHOOL SUCCESS IN NEW NORMAL SITUATIONS. anyapiwat ournal, 13(2), 340-353. etrieved from
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