Canonical Correlation of Supervision Factors on School Administration


  • Walaipan Boonmee Silpakorn University
  • Prasert Intarak Silpakorn University


Supervision, School Administration


This research used mixed methodology (quantitative and qualitative research). The purposes of this research were to identify 1) the components of supervision factors on school administration. 2) the canonical correlation of supervision factors on school administration. The research operation had 4 steps; 1) studying and analyzing data to specify research conception 2) development of data collection tools 3) collection and analysis of data 4) presenting result of the research. The population in this research were change leadership primary schools for type one and primary educational service area offices. The sample consisted of 155 schools and 37 area offices selected by multi-stage sampling. The respondents were 3 persons from each school; a school director, an academic teacher and teachers and 2 persons in each area office; a deputy director of primary educational service area office who responsible for educational supervision and evaluation group and a director of educational supervision and evaluation group, totally 539 respondents. The instruments for collecting the data were opinionnaire and unstructured interview. Collected data between February 1st, 2013-March 30th, 2013. The statistics for data analyzing were frequency percentage, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, exploratory factor analysis and canonical correlation.

The finding of this research were as follow:

1. The components of supervision factors on school administration consisted of twelve components: 1) academic supervision 2) general supervision 3) personal supervision 4) participation 5) media technology 6) leadership 7) monitoring and evaluating 8) motivation 9) information 10) budget supervision 11) planning and 12) organization climate

2. The canonical correlation of supervision factors on school administration was a relativity model of supervision factors on school administration which composed of academic supervision, general supervision, personal supervision, leadership, budget supervision, planning and organization climate and promoting efficiency supervision factors which composed of participation, media technology, monitoring and evaluating, motivation, information with a relation and the same direction.


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