• Thanutthep Jirapavatragoon College of Innovation Management, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin
  • Rujira Rojjanaprapayon College of Innovation Management, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin
Keywords: Market Structure, Solar Rooftop, Competitive Behavior, Energy Policy


The objectives of this study were to identify the structure of Thailand’s solar rooftop market and (to describe competitive behaviors of Thailand’s solar rooftop market. The structure–conduct–performance paradigm (SCP) was implemented as a conceptual framework. Data were collected by in-depth interviews with nine informants in three groups, governments, entrepreneurs, and users. Interview questions were constructed based on the structure-conduct-performance theory (SCP) and the diffusion of innovation theory. The data were analyzed by a thematic analysis. Findings revealed that, first, the current market structure contained key components including imperfect market competition, indifferent use of technology, and consumers interested in installing; and second, the market’s competitive behaviors consisted of key components including consumers dictating prices, operating performance yielding low profits, and government support positively influencing installations. Recommendations derived from this study included the government issuing policies to financially support consumers on installations and energy purchases and the public sector establishing a one-stop-service installation center that provides financial support, a list of standardized installation service providers, and facilitation on requests for installation permission with relevant agencies. Implications are that how to increase the volume of solar rooftop installation s in Thailand can be developed.


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