Published: 2023-03-14

Professional development of education administration in the digital age

Arunee Plangkay, Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul, Thida Kunrat, Reongwit Nilkote


Professional executives in the Next normal age

Chatchai Sukkasi, Phuthita Kiratimongkhonchai, Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul, Reongwit Nilkote, Waiwoot Boonloy, Arungiat Chansongsaeng


The world after the COVID-19 pandemic era and the administrator’s development

Suriya toeisroi, Pantawit Suksiripannarut, Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul


Spiritual and Ideological Leadership of School Administrators in a New Era

nujarin saipin, Manchusa Uttong, Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul, Reongwit Nilkote, Waiwoot Boonloy, Arungait Chansongsang


Teacher Academic Assessment System and Student Outcomes in the era of change

Kingchat Chairipoo, Nareerut Bumbudtuk, Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul, Reongwit Nilkote


Digital Co-leadership to the classroom in the future

Jaruwan Thawpan, Tuenjai Munya, Theerangkoon Warabamrungkul, Reongeit Nilkote, Waiwoot Boonloy, Arunggiat Chansongsaeng