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Vol. 42 No. 1 (2024): January - April

Cultural Tourism Value Added and The Effects of Technology for Professional and Behavior


Published: 2024-02-08

Community History, Multicultural and Society : Factors Promoting Tourism Income of Phimonrat Sub-District Bang Bua Thong District Nonthaburi Province

Pornpan Juntaronanont, Konjanard Charoensook, Kijthipong Arayapoonpong , Siriporn Anusapha , Luo Yong


Community Participation in Preventing COVID-19 Pandemic in Bang Bua Community Bang Khen Bangkok

Prakong Sukonthachit , Wichian Chanthanet , Suparada Chairob, Chutipat Wongchaisuwan


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